Topi is a Miniature long-haired Dachshund, neutered male, approx. 9 years old.

Topi was picked up as a stray. His nails were growing into the pads of his feet, and his missing from most of his body with flea dermatitis. Despite all this, he holds no grudges. Instead, he loves humans and he is very grateful for all the care we’re giving him. He was thrilled to have a soft bed an blanket. With so little hair he was cold. Topi is a real gentleman. We’d love o see him be adopted by someone who knows and loves Dachshunds. Topi will be held back from clinics for a few weeks until he’s in better condition to be shown. Anyone interested in Topi should email or call Jennifer at 518-664-3450 before attending a clinic to meet him.