Adoption Application

CDHA tries to choose the best applicant for each dog based on what we think would be a good match. We then take a deposit of $200, which holds the dog while we schedule a home visit and do a vet reference check.

Many times people attending our clinics are disappointed because they’ve missed out on an animal they may have been interested in adopting. We, therefore, encourage everyone to get to the clinics early–by 10 am if possible.

We will carefully review your application and will want to do a vet reference check to see if your veterinarian would recommend you as an adopter. CDHA also does home visits as part of our adoption process. Before we consider you as an adopter, we require that all the immediate members of the household be present: husband, wife, children living at home. CDHA tries to match animals with people. If more than one person is interested in a particular pet CDHA will make a determination based on which home we think would be best for that animal. We take adoptions very seriously. We’re seeking quality homes for dogs with individual needs.