Pet Dealer Complaints

The NYS Pet Dealer Licensing Program began in 2001 and has two primary goals:

  • First, it strives to ensure that dogs and cats are properly cared for, have adequate and humane housing and receive veterinary care while kept by the pet dealers.
  • Second, it provides consumers purchasing dogs and cats from pet dealers with the information concerning the animals’ health, medical history, and origin.


Who is a Pet Dealer?

Any person, firm corporation, partnership or other association who sells more than 9 dogs and/or cats per year directly to the public for profit are required to be licensed and inspected.
Pet dealers must receive a satisfactory inspection by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.


How Does a Person Report a Pet Dealer Complaint?

The Department reviews all written and identified requests expressing concern about the care, facility, operation, record keeping and other related areas of a pet dealer or potential pet dealers. Report complaints to:

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
10B Airline Dr.
Albany, New York 12235
(518) 457-3502