About CDHA

Who Are We?

Like you, we love animals. Like you, we want to help animals.

The Capital District Humane Association — “For the Love of Animals” — was formed in response to the serious need for a private animal welfare group to serve the Capital Region of New York State.

It is incorporated and approved by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) of New York City.

Members of the Capital District Humane Association (CDHA) are volunteers with many years of experience working with displaced and homeless animals.

CDHA has found good homes for hundreds of displaced animals through a careful “adoption” process:

We save pets’ lives. We do everything we can to save animals from destruction:

We try to find homes for unwanted, needy animals before they reach an animal shelter where they could be destroyed due to the shelter’s overcrowding.

We take in handicapped animals who would not be adopted without our “special” help.

We ask that if you cannot keep your pet, you please consider us instead. Unlike most animal shelters, we will not destroy an animal unless it is deemed absolutely necessary by one of our veterinarians. The decision to terminate an animal’s life is reached only in cases of irreversible physical or behavioral disorders.

We do even more.

We also provide a range of services to help animals:

We have helped people with special needs — people who needed temporary emergency assistance due to catastrophic occurrences;

We provide emergency help for injured, stray or otherwise needy animals; We try to educate the public on such issues as animal population control and other areas of vital importance to the health and well-being of animals.

We are committed to helping animals…and their owners.