Spike is a scruffy little 6-month-old terrier mix, weighing 12 lbs.

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Spike is a scruffy, little 6 to 12-month-old terrier mix, weighing 12 lbs.

Spike is a charming, outgoing little terrier mix.  Anyone wanting to adopt a puppy needs to have a flexible schedule or to only work part-time.  We’ll be looking for people who have or who have a terrier when choosing an adopter. As adorable as terriers are, they need to live with someone who appreciates the traits of this breed group.

Spike was recently neutered and appears to have testosterone to spare.  Thus, he is humping other dogs in his foster home. This may/should subside soon but at least for now, we think it’s best if he goes to a home where he is the only dog. Also, no really young children because of this.