Molly is a Pug female (we hope to get her spayed soon), 12 years old.

Molly’s story is a sad one and all too typical. Due to her mistress moving she was homeless and facing no future. As a matter of fact, she was planning on having her destroyed. At 12, she had never been spayed and had no apparent vet. care, having growths on her hind legs that need removal. One of our foster care providers found out about Molly’s plight and took her in, fully knowing that Molly might never find a home. Had she not been rescued those who now know and love her would have missed out on a happy, playful girl who thinks life is a blast. Despite currently being chubby (she’s now on a diet), she runs around playing. She’s going to make a marvelous friend, so should not be overlooked because she’s older. While Molly is with us we will be consulting with our vet. regarding having her spayed and having the leg growths removed.

Molly is deaf and that if a potential adopter has cats she likes to get into the litter box, so a hooded litter box would be recommended