Moe is a Shih Tzu, neutered male, approx. 3 year old and weighing about 11 lbs.

What can you say about Shih Tzus except for good things–sweet, sweet, sweet. Anyone wanting Moe MUST have previously owned a Shih Tzu and thus be experienced with their coat care. A groomer’s reference will be required for anyone applying to adopt Moe. Due to the anticipated volume of applicants for Moe we’re asking that people email their completed application.

Moe, and his Shih Tzu friend Curly, we suspect may have been breeding dogs, for they aren’t used to human interaction.  He will need an adopter who ha a secure, fenced yard and who will be committed to working with him.  NO FURT-TIME ANIMAL OWNERS.  We’d love to place him with someone who has previous/current experience owning this breed.