Frollo is a smooth-haired Collie mix, neutered male, approx. 45 lbs. and 3 years old.

Frollo is a very sweet, laid back fellow who recently came to us from an animal shelter, where he was on their Urgent List. We can see why. His skin is inflamed, and his ear canals are swollen shut due to infections. He currently weighs 65 lbs. but is very thin. He will most likely weigh over 70 lbs when he’s filled out.

He howls and cries when left alone, so he would not make a good apartment or townhouse dog.

On the positive side, Frollo is a very kind soul who going to make the right person a great friend. He’s also going to be a real looker – very handsome.

UPDATE: Frollo is slowly gaining weight.  His skin issues appear to have been caused by having had fleas.  He is sweet and very good-natured.  He gets along well with other dogs and is housebroken.  He currently has some separation anxiety.  He therefore would do best in a home where he has people around–no apartment or townhouse dwellers, where he would get in trouble if he barked a lot.