Fozzy bis a neutered male Standard Poodle who is 4 years old and who weighs about 65 lbs.  Fozzy came to us recently because the mother of his mistress is seriously ill, and having a young, exuberant dog in the home was presenting problems.  Fozzy is fine with other dogs and, as all Poodles are, is super intelligent.  if you’ve  never shared your life with a Poodle you’re missing one of god’s treasures.  Roger Caras, former head of the AKC, rated Standard Poodles as one of the top purebred breeds, although all poodles are wonderful.  We’d like Fozzy to be adopted by someone who has had a Standard Poodle  before and who thus appreciates the breed.  They can be expensive to maintain dud to their coat care. He would do best in s home with adults and with older children if there are children in the home.

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