Bruno is a hound mix, neutered male, 10 years old.

It’s sad when a dog of any age loses its home, but it’s especially sad when that animal is older and not as ready to be adopted. Through no fault of his own Bruno is now in that position. Due to his mistress’s own medical issues and inability to care for a pet Bruno is looking for a new home. He’s an easy pet, being lowkey. He likes hanging out. You know, the life of comfort– lying by his humans as they watch TV. He’d be happy to watch you work. He’ll give you his paw as a sign of gratitude. Bruno would make an ideal companion, so he’d love to meet you if you’re seeking a wonderful friend.

Bruno walks well on a leash.  Is fine with other dogs.  Hasn’t lived with cats. He’s afraid of bicycles and young children (both move too fast).    Teenagers should be ok.  He’s mellow, likes to sleep on the couch.  Loves snow. He is afraid to walk on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors but does well with area rugs and runners or wall-to-wall carpeting.  He is housebroken.