I found Garfield (now named Tuna) on Petfinder and I fell in love with him instantly. I had  wanted to rescue a stray orange kitty and give him a second chance in a loving home. I drove 45 minutes to see him and it was all worth it! As soon as I met him he warmed up to me very  fast and I fell in love with his loud purr. He wouldn't stop purring and rubbing up against me, and  thats when I knew he was the perfect kitty for me. He did great on our long drive home (even fell  asleep in his carrier!) It didnt take him long to adjust, and he made himself at home, still purring all the while. He is quite the happy, sweet, cuddly momma's boy, and loves to be my little  shadow...he even talks alot too! I have been waiting a long time for a cat just like Tuna, and he's  more perfect than I could ever imagine.