Cloe (Vixi)


A brief update on Cloe who has now become Vixi (short for Vixen - "a female fox" - because she's "foxy," and she's built and moves like a red fox and is white like an Arctic fox). It took her no time at all to learn her new name! She so cute and super soft, just gotta loves those ears! She's lots of fun, loyal, loving, smart, eager to please, quick to learn, and just plain quick! She's already conquered a large number of commands and is quick to understand the house rules, though her nose has gotten her into trouble a couple times. We discover new quirks every day, such as her love of chasing water drops from the hose!!! She's met all the family members and thinks they are all great, and gets along well with Gemma, my daughter's Russell Terrier, who visits often. They have become good walking partners and share all their toys, though when one thinks the other has the best chew toy, they both will plot and wait for the opportunity to "steal" it away, only to have the other do the same minutes later. She's already been to our daughter's grooming shop and was a well-behaved client. We are planning to enroll her in an obedience class and then an agility program for both Vixi and Gemma. I'm sure she'll be a star with her speed and agility! She did have her first vet visit and started off happy enough, but definitely became suspicious, even growled warily a couple times when being examined, but no nipping or showing her teeth, and responded well when corrected. We're planning to go to the vets every now and then just to stop in and visit, ask her to do some commands and reward her, so she gets used to it . . . not sure if she had a bad experience previously. She is sometimes a bit shy when meeting new people and other times not. The more we socialize her, the more relaxed she gets. We can't thank you enough for your honesty and helpful advice during the adoption process. All in all, she fits right in and is already a beloved member of our family! Thanks so much to all the people at The Capital District Humane Association - Jennifer, Diane, Jennifer (Chelsea's volunteer handler at PetSmart), and Cloe's foster mom - for going that extra mile to help "Vixi" find her forever home! Roxane and "Vixi" (and all the family, too!)