Update: March 21, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

I hope this email finds you doing well.  I just wanted to send along an update on Benji, who we adopted from you back in the Fall.  Benji is doing great and seems to be loving life.  He likes going for long walks and hikes on the weekends.  He also loves to sleep in the sunniest parts of the house.  His favorite treat is peanut butter.  We just celebrated his 3rd birthday this past weekend, and I made him a dog-friendly cake!  It was very cute.  Just wanted to let you know he is doing very well. 

Rachel & Will


Hi Jennifer!

Rachel and Will here.  We just wanted to send you a few photos and updates on Benji! 

He is adjusting very well here and loves to sleep on the couch in the sun during the day and hide rawhide bones in the yard.  He spends a lot of time chasing squeaky tennis balls in the yard and goes for 3-4 mile walks with me daily.  He is slowly getting used to walking on a leash :)  He and the cats are a work in progress.  He does not chase or antagonize them, but they are scared of him.  They are coming out a little more each day, so I'm sure after a few more weeks things will settle down a bit on that end.  

Overall, we really could not be happier with Benji and we believe he is very happy with us!

Thank you again for everything!  You guys are a wonderful organization.

Rachel and Will 

Benji's Photo Gallery