Barley (Bubba)


Hello All! I wanted to provide an update on our adopted dog "Barley" aka Bubba. It is very difficult to put into words how happy this wonderful dog has made us but I will try. When we adopted him in November of 2009 he was already a well behaved, good natured dog who was very much loved by his previous owner. He needed to lose a few pounds and also was in need of vet care but we took care of that in short order. He has lost 10 lbs thru diet and exercise and looks and feels several years younger!

He has been hiking with us, camping and seems to be a big fan of visiting the beaches of Maine. He likes to cuddle on the couch, likes his belly rubbed and loves going for walks back to the pond near our home. He does something that resembles swimming but I think he is actually touching bottom!

Adopting him has touched my sole in so many ways. Myself and my family love this dog more than we knew could be at all possible. My hat goes off to the volunteers at the CDHA. You should know the work that you have done to match animals in need with willing owners has been so very rewarding for both me and my loyal dog Barley. Thank You!