Two Paws up for Grace!


Pictured: Grace, her sisters Emily &  Caroline, her friends Colden, Nora & Logan. 
Also in picture “Oreo”


When it came time to send out the invitations to Grace’s Birthday Party, Grace had an unusual request. Instead of presents she wanted all of her guests to bring something from CDHA’s ‘Wish List’ so that she could donate all the items to local animals in need.

Grace and her mom found out about CDHA from They wanted the donation to go to a local group and liked the fact that CDHA helps all kinds of animals of all ages.

On July 22, 2006 Grace and several of her friends met up at the PetsMart in Latham Farms, where CDHA holds bi-weekly dog adoption clinics, to present her gifts to CDHA.

Grace was able to collect an amazing 42 items ranging from bedding to toys to donate to local needy dogs and cats. CDHA volunteers were very happy to except these items because they come at a time when donated items (from Christmas) are almost all gone. CDHA was even happier to know that the giving spirit was alive and thriving in these youngsters…

Gracie we think you are the cat’s meow!